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The 8XE MINI 320 MIG fume extraction torch integrates the most efficient fume extraction structure in the welding industry. The torch comes with three different angles, 30°, 45°, and straight. The 8XE 320 MINI MIG Extractor, combined with the ClearO2 W-series 100 and 200, captures up to 98% of welding fumes directly at the source. It provides the safest and most effective solution for welders and workers to breathe CLEAN AIR and enjoy better work environments. Specifications: Reduces Welding Fume Up To 98% Unique contact tip for manual fitting and durability. Special design contact tip for a longer lifetime. Ergonomic ball socket 30° angle and 360° rotatable. Two unique nozzle designs 14mm and 17mm for optimal performance and durability * The torch’s weight is measured by a distance of one meter from the ground.

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