An increasing attention to environmental safety and protection in workplaces has been registered in the last decades from economical as well as political players: companies, users, control authorities and agencies who are strongly committed in respecting new regulations and operational guidelines.

All manufacturing companies are directly involved on these topics, especially those using machine tools, which employs coolants (neat oils or emulsions). Due to mechanical, thermic or pressure operations these liquids generate a mix of pollutants such as: mists, vapor, smoke and odors; with or without dusts and metallic swarf depending on worked material.

Air and coolant filtration systems are necessary to eliminate this pollutant mix from the workplace and can face different needs:


If pollutants disperse in the air and are inhaled by people working on the machine tools, they could lead to serious health risks. Eliminating oil mists and metallic micro-particles from the workshop helps to prevent respiratory and dermatologic disease and allergies, dangerous for all employees.


Oil particles deposit onto surrounding surfaces (floor, walls, etc.) and on machine tools, threatening their good operation; thus, air filtration can prevent those accidents caused by slippery surfaces and diminish risks of fire and short circuit caused by the deposit of oil in electrical controls or electronic devices.


Oil mists and coolant filtration assists to secure a cleaner workplace and reduce maintenance costs. Avoiding oil particles deposit on surfaces, increases not only the safety of workplaces but also limits cleaning costs and reduce maintenance interventions and breakdown events.


Installing a filtration system for air or coolant allows to reduce both cleaning and maintenance costs for workplaces and those connected to special waste disposal. Once cleaned from pollutant particles coolants can be re-used in the machining process, thus securing savings derived from a longer life. Finally, all Losma systems are designed to grant the better performances with low energy consumption, contributing to the corporate’s energy saving program.